Friday, August 5, 2016

Parabo Press - Instagram Prints {a review}

While scrolling through my Instagram feed a few months ago an ad popped up for an App called Parabo Press, Parabo Press offers square photo prints in a matte finish. The promotion being offered was 25 prints for free (shipping not included).

I decided to give it a try.
I've used PostalPix numerous times (which I love) and Walgreens photo service (I also love) to print my Instagram photos.
I placed my order through the Parabo Press App-selected the 25 photos I wanted and paid a nominal fee (less than $5) for shipping.

I think it's really important to note here-I had no idea this wasn't something coming out of the USA-so about two weeks later when I got a package from the Phillipines I was quite surprised.
The other thing that surprised me was how big the package was-it was huge.
When I opened the package the smell about knocked me over. It was a plasticky, chemical smell that LINGERED.
My photos? Well, apparently they default to 5x5 size which I somehow missed. They were ginormous. I would never use them on a scrapbook page or in a photo album. And they were printed on cardstock-at least 80 pound-very heavy paper. The colors were VERY faded-not true to the photos at all. They looked awful.

The Good?
The first 25 prints were free. Sorry, that's all I've got. Oh wait, the order from the App was convenient.

The Bad?
The smell. So bad. The quality of the prints. So bad. The size. So bad. The confusing way to order-I had no idea I had to default to a different size. So bad. The fact that I am buying something from overseas without my knowledge. So bad.

The Verdict?
I'm glad they were free-had I spent money on this I would have demanded a refund.
I would not recommend this service-I'll stick with Walgreens or PostalPix for my Instagram prints going forward.

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